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QompaX - goal-oriented business intelligence for Transformation Agents within companies

Which transformation agents we helped to reach their goals?

Private equity professionals, especially those who are interested in strategic quality growth, are certainly agents of change and transformation to their portfolio companies. In order to provide that kind of growth, they have to perform with a clear focus on measurable milestones. We help PE professionals monitor and analyze key operational statistics and financial metrics as they develop on daily basis. Moreover, we can aggregate and present data in such way, so that they can have a single view on all the key KPIs across a number of their portfolio companies.

CEOs must deliver change and transformation. But how to keep focus on strategic goals when people and events are constantly vying for their attention? First step towards staying more focused is to have one clear and concise panel of key KPIs that is available 24/7 on all devices and keeps your attention only to the most important things. This dashboard can then be drilled down to various reports for more details.

Transformation within one department led by an ambitious team often becomes a pilot project for the rest of the company. This team while making changes has to stay on track and follow the plan without going too far away from the initial goals except for the considerable reason. Our goal-oriented BI helps to maximize results from their efforts.

Venture Capital firms can help their portfolio companies in many different ways, but this help must come in time. Our goal-oriented BI approach helps to spot this moment and identify what kind of assistance might be necessary. Even a month of inaction can lead to downturn within a company in the fast-changing business environment. As for the startups, providing data for key metrics to their professional investors clearly highlights its intentions to be transparent and effective.

Focus Effect

This effect is simple, yet powerful — regular monitoring of company’s progress towards its goals greatly increases the chances of reaching them. Transformation agents must not only monitor the progress towards measurable milestones, but ascertain the key reasons for falling back or going beyond the planned progress. They should be able to drill down quickly to the details explaining the difference from initial numbers. Thus, one simple monitoring habit leads to a deeper analysis which delivers insights and consequently valuable actions. Our goal is to provide our clients with this effect.


Research on Focus Effect

«If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it»

Management theory begins with this quote, but management practice can only aspire to measure everything that needs improvement. Recent advances in data analytics led to practice finally meeting theory in its main principle of measuring what needs to be changed.

Today, according to research from Bain Consulting, companies with advanced analytics reach their goals 3 times more often.

Our experience

After successful implementation of goal-oriented BI from QompaX, companies start to show positive trend of key metrics growing prior to the previous year. Of course, this effect is not universal or guaranteed, but the more this effect can be isolated, the clearer it is.


Why Qompax?

We can dig deeper into data

Constantly working with business data, we accumulate and filter best solutions and techniques in analytics within different industries. Factor analysis, ABC for sales and stock, financial modelling, Pareto distribution, cohort analysis using AI, basic machine learning - all of these techniques and more are included in our toolkit.

We see clear visualization as the shortest method of transforming data into action

Data visualization is the final step of all analytical activity. If it’s made clear and understandable, it leads to actionable insights and knowledge, on the other hand poorly visualized data makes analysis useless and not applicable for real action. For us, dataviz and UX/ UI design is a critical component of the goal-oriented business intelligence system we offer to our clients.

We start with data model and IT infrastructure for analytics

Business intelligence that is used daily for decision-making needs requires robust data architecture and infrastructure. Only expertise based on experience and continued learning can give a one-fits-all successful solution. This is our approach.

We use Mobile BI as a way to get the meaningful insights

Busy schedule of transformation agents must not limit their work with business intelligence instruments. Hence, mobile access to key dashboards on-the-go is extremely important. We not only make convenient designs for that purpose, but keep our clients always up-to-date by sending mobile dashboards to their gadgets’ preferrable messengers - thus, pushing truly important information to the forefront, where it belongs.

We know that subscription to a service is optimal payment model to provide analytics with continued improvement cycle

Goal-oriented business intelligence in a company must improve and change with the company. People who use dashboards on the daily learn the basics faster and have more incentives and time to ask for advanced analytics and drill-downs in order to get to details. That is why we came to realization that analytics-as-a-service (AaaS) is the best model to serve the needs of our clients.

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